Year 1 Literacy Video

Year 1 are having great fun during the first few weeks of the new term with our new class book The Man on the Moon. We started off this work by introducing the children to the character of Bob. We found out that Bob is an astronaut that can travel to other planets. We worked with the children to help produce a Year 1 space journal. This included many ideas about what life must be like for Bob.

We then wrote some letters to Bob to find out more about his work. Much to our surprise, he replied and sent us a copy of his brilliant book, The Man on the Moon! We have been reading this and finding out how part of his job is to entertain tourists that travel to the moon. The children have written a series of postcards based on the book, explaining some of the activities that tourists can take part in whilst visiting Bob on the moon.

You can find out more about our work by watching the video above.

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