Year 2 Maths and Literacy

Year 2

Year 2 have started the spring term with a strong emphasis on continuing with the improvements already made during our maths lessons. As well as focussing strongly on the two, five and ten times table, we have also started to explore the idea of number bonds. These are the building blocks that we need to help with all of our maths work as we progress throughout Michael Faraday School. Year 2 are currently working on number bonds from 1 to 20. We have been playing various computer games to help us with this work.

Away from maths and our literacy work for this term is based on the brilliant The Enormous Turnip book. We introduced this work by first of all asking the children to describe what a turnip both looks and tastes like. We cooked some turnip soup to help with this – we had a mixed reaction from some class members!

The Enormous Turnip is a wonderful piece of text that can help the Year 2 pupils improve their connectives. We will be working on this theme over the coming weeks, using connectives such as therefore, eventually and finally to help us with our literacy work. Year 2 will also be using many drama-based activities to help them improve their vocabulary around the Enormous Turnip story.

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