Year 3 Iron Man Podcast

Year 3

Year 3 have been using the class thesauruses to help improve their range of written and spoken vocabulary. We started off our work by thinking about some basic adjectives: big and tall. We often use these words in our class stories. Far better descriptions could possibly be used to help to bring our stories to life.

Working in pairs we set the challenge of asking each group to find as many different words as they could to replace big and tall. We then held a class discussion to see how some of these would be appropriate replacements in some story situations, but not in others.

Much of this work is connected with our new class reading book, The Iron Man. This is a character that Year 3 have already become fascinated by. We have been learning how he is described as being as tall as a house. One of our pupils correctly observed that houses can be different sizes. We then went about examining the text for further clues, as well as thinking about how we can use our thesaurus knowledge to help with our understanding of the Iron Man.

You can listen to a group of our Year 3 pupils explaining more about their literacy work in the audioboo below.

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