Year 5 Indian Legends

Year 5

Year 5 have been looking at a series of classic Indian epics and legends during our recent literacy lessons. The idea behind this is to build upon our extensive knowledge of Greek myths, and then to see if there are any similarities in the stories coming out of a completely different culture.

Already we have found some strong comparisons in the Indian story of Savitri and Satyavan and the Greek Odyssey. Year 5 soon picked up on the similarities between the characters of Savitri and Penelope from the Odyssey. Both are strong female characters that are very determined.

We have used this work as a springboard to start our research on classical Indian culture. Using a variety of resources, the children have been looking at food, clothing and famous people. You can listen to a couple of Year 5 pupils explaining more about their work in the podcast below.

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