Year 3 Healthy Eating

Year 3

Year 3 are making great progress with their healthy eating science topic. We started off this spring term topic by holding a class conversation about what we think we should, and what we shouldn’t be eating. We asked the children to keep a Food Diary so that we could keep track of our own diets. We then put this information into a food pyramid, documenting what types of food we have been eating.

We then went back to discussing why it is important for us all to eat the right types of food. We thought about how we all get our energy from food and the importance of a balanced diet.

The healthy eating topic has now progressed so that the children are thinking about the effects of certain types of food on particular body parts. Each class member has been given an outline of a body. We decorated this so that it was personal to us, and then went about labeling the different body parts and what types of food that they need in order to remain healthy.

Year 3

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