Year 5 Assembly

Year 2

We have had a strong focus in Year 2 on improving our handwriting skills. We have spent a considerable amount of time working with the pupils on various techniques to help us with our character formation.

The importance of good posture and having a relaxed pair of hands was explained. We carried out a number of warm-up exercises involves snakes and loops, before producing some impressive character formations in our handwriting books.

Year 2

Elsewhere around Year 2 and we recently enjoyed a wonderful art and literacy workshop with the author Karen George. Karen very kindly came into our school to help explain some of the ideas in her current book Hugh Shampoo – the boy who would not wash his hair.

This tells the brilliant story about how a boy called Hugh who has very messy hair. He collects more and more pieces of junk in his hair as he goes about helping people. There is a happy ending, with Hugh having clean hair, but he seems to have started a messy hair trend…

After working with the children on some literacy ideas based on the book, Karen was then able to kindly help Year 2 to create some messy hair hats. We created a template to fit our own heads, and then decorated these with images of mud, leaves and worms!

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