Year 5 Environment Assemly

Year 5

Year 5 recently staged a very thought provoking assembly in front of the rest of our friends at Michael Faraday School. The theme for our assembly was the environment, and in particular, why it is important for all of us to take care in protecting the habitat that is around us.

We started off by introducing the idea of living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Some Year 5 pupils explained how we are expected to clear up our own lunchtime mess that we might create in the school canteen. If we didn’t clear up the litter, then who would? We made the comparison the worldwide environment operates in a similar way.

We then posed the question to the other year groups as to why they think this might be important. We explained how the resources of the world might eventually run out unless we start to take re-cycling seriously. The pupils talked about the importance of re-cycling at home, as well as at school. Composts can be used for food waste when we are cooking; all of our classrooms contain recycling bins.

The connection was made once again with the wider world. Trees will continue to be chopped down if we waste paper. This has the very serious effect of destroying the environment that many animals need in order to survive.

Year 5 concluded their Environment assembly by reading out a series of poems that the children have written. You can hear some of the ideas in the assembly being explained in the audioboo below.

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