Year 6 Science Video

Year 6 have been devising and conducting a number of experiments based around our current science topic of solids and dissolving. A recent session involved the pupils exploring if it was possible to remove some of the different layers of dirt from a muddy glass of water.

We have previously learnt that the particles in a liquid can be a different size. We decided to use a large sieve to try and remove the large particles. We poured the water through the sieve and into another container. The large sieve was able to filter out some of the large particles.

We repeated this exercise with a smaller, conventional kitchen sieve. The water that was filtered though was even clearer, with many of the medium sized particles having been removed. Finally we allowed the water to pass through some filter paper using a funnel.

Year 6 found that the end result was a container of relatively clear water. By a process of using a series of different sized filtration systems, we were able to separate some of the particles out of the water. You can watch some of our Year 6 pupils explaining more about their experiment in the video above.

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