Reception Library Work


The Reception children have been learning recently about the Chinese New Year. We are incredibly fortunate at Michael Faraday in being able to draw upon a great cultural experience within our school. One of the Chinese mothers of a Reception child very kindly volunteered her time to come into the class to talk about what the New Year period means for Chinese people. We also read the Chinese Cinderella book, and then thought about how this is slightly different to the story that we are familiar with.

Michael Faraday Reception has also welcomed another recent visitor when a local librarian was able to visit our school We were keen to find out more about the work that she does, and why libraries can be such special places for both children and adults.

The children were able to make a personal book choice out of the selection that our librarian friend kindly brought along to the school. We are now planning to return the favour by organising regular Reception visits to the library.

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