Reception Reading


The Reception children are enjoying our current class reading book – Aaaaaargh Spider! As the title suggests, this is a book all about how some people might be scared of spiders.

We started off this topic by setting some homework before the half term break. We invited pupils to work with their adults at home to create a spider. The Reception staff were amazed with the response! It wasn’t just the huge number of pupils that were able to return with a spider that impressed, but the variety and imagination that was on show. No two spiders are the same!

This work with spiders is the introduction to our main minibeasts topic. The children have created a minibeasts garden in the school. We have also used this as an opportunity to plant some seeds ahead of spring.

Our maths work in Reception has also made the most of the minibeasts theme. We have been using the spiders to help us count, as well as looking at ladybirds and counting their spots. We are looking forward to the visit of Paul the Animal Man – a very friendly chap who will bring in spiders, snakes and lobsters for the Reception children to observe!

Reading will continue to be a strong focus as we approach World Book Day. We have invited our friends from Year 4 to come into our class and to read the Reception children some of their favourite stories. We are also looking forward to a visit from the children’s author Margaret Bateson-Hill.



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