Year 2 Fire Brigade Trip

Year 2

Year 2 have completed their Great Fire of London topic with a trip to the London Fire Brigade Museum. Our visit included a workshop where we were able to learn more about the history and role of being a firefighter. It was explained to us what the job involves, as well as some of the dangers. The children were also able to get dressed up in a firefighter’s uniform, and explore fire engines throughout the ages.

We have just started our next major topic for the spring term – the rain forest and the environment that this creates. We have been looking at whereabouts in the world the rain forest can be found, and how it is different from where we live in London.

The children have been thinking about the type of clothes that we might need to wear if we were to travel to the rain forest. We have been looking at some online videos of the habitat and planning what we might need ahead of a possible trip.

Our maths work in Year 2 has been all about data handling, We undertook a survey of traffic along Portland Street. We wanted to find out what is the most common form of transport. Our findings were logged in our maths book, ahead of then presenting this data in different formats.

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