Year 6 Maths Measurements

Year 6 have been carrying out some very practical work during our recent maths lessons. We have been learning about the importance of estimation to help us with our mathematical calculations. The pupils have understood that to make a reasoned estimate ahead of a calculation will help them to know if their final sum is correct.

The pupils devised a simple maths task to help with this approach. We wanted to know the distance between two points in the school. We measured the length of our average stride, and then walked from A to B, counting how many steps this took. With an average stride of around 60cm, we could then complete a multiplication sum to reach an estimate as to what the actual distance is.

The next stage in our task was to precisely measure out the exact distance. We used the school trundle wheels to help us with this. These are a wheel-based device that can count in metres. We compared the estimate with the final reading, showing how our early estimates were quite close to the actual distance.

You can watch a couple of our pupils complete this task in the video above.

This work has progressed to help the pupils complete some mathematical word puzzles. You find out more about our word based maths problems by listening to the podcast below.

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