Science Week at Michael Faraday School

Science Week

There is much excitement around Michael Faraday School ahead of the start of Science Week. We teach science across all age groups on a weekly basis. Science Week is an opportunity to focus this learning, and then to share our work with friends from around the school come the end of the week.

For a school named after Michael Faraday, we are immensely proud to announce that the theme for Science Week 2013 will be Science and Invention. This will enable all pupils to feel proud of their school heritage by learning more about the great scientist and his contribution to the world of invention.

We are also keen to encourage an environment where pupils are inquisitive and aren’t afraid to ask any scientific questions. Through this form of learning we are then able to understand how science works with rational thinking and methodology.

Many special workshops have been planned around the school for Science Week. The Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children will be taking part in a session called Animal Road Show. Year 2 will be looking at electricity. This theme will be developed in Year 3 to also cover magnetism.

Scientific habitats will be under observation in Year 4. Our Year 5 pupils will be busy during Science Week with a series of Vitamin C experiments. Finally Year 6 will be building their own racing buggies and taking a scientific approach as to how they can improve the performance.

To conclude Science Week we will be presenting each class in the school a book all about Michael Faraday. We want to answer the question: why was this man famous enough to have a school named after him?

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