Reception Easter Parade!

The Reception children received great praise throughout the entire school following the success of their Easter Bonnet Parade. We asked parents and carers if they could help the children to create some Easter Bonnet designs back at home. Once again, we weren’t disappointed! The children returned to Michael Faraday School with an amazing collection of different style hats.

We were keen to share these brilliant creations with the rest of our school friends. Reception came up with the idea of a Michael Faraday Easter Bonnet Parade! After a little rehearsal and tuition in how to proudly parade, both Reception classes set off on a tour of the entire school. We were greeted with cheers and applause in each class, recognising the work that had gone into making the hats.

The Parade came to a climax in the Michael Faraday Roof Garden. The children sang a series of Easter songs, and then wished each other a happy and safe Easter break. You can see how wonderful the various Easter Bonnet designs are in the video above.

We have also celebrated Easter in the Reception by taking the children out on an Easter Egg Hunt. We hid some Creme Eggs at a nearby local park, and then had great fun in helping each child to be able to find an egg.

After the Easter break we will be learning all about sharks in both Reception classes. Our key text will be Surprising Sharks. Plenty of artwork, literacy and maths work will come out of some of the themes contained in the book. We are also planning a trip to the London Aquarium to see some sharks!



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