Year 4 WW2 Cooking Video

Year 4 have been continuing to learn all about the lifestyle of London children that lived through World War 2. A large part of our work has been to compare the experiences with our own lives living in modern day London. We put this to the practical test recently with a WW2 ration soup recipe being prepared in class.

Pauline’s mother very kindly offered to share with the pupils her special recipe that was actually used during the wartime period. As part of our research work, Year 4 have been learning all about the Blitz and how this led to rationing. We have been finding out how some ingredients were difficult to get hold of during the War. The Germans bombed the docks, which meant that bananas and other imported food was in short supply.

Our famous WW2 soup recipe was made of vegetables that would have been grown locally. It included carrots, potatoes, turnips, leeks, beans, onions and chopped tomatoes. The instructions stated: use thick chunks – this is because the children would have been very hungry!

We took it in turns to chop up the various vegetables. The soup was then slowly brought to boil. We served it up during morning play with some generous portions of bread – the perfect warmer for Year 4 during this particular cold snap.

You can watch our Year 4 pupils explaining more about Wartime rationing in the video above.

Year 4

We are also incredibly proud of the WW2 display that the pupils have helped to create. This includes the models of the Anderson Shelters that we have been building, as well as a selection of our WW2 diaries.

Year 4

Year 4

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