Year 6 Science Week Video

Year 6 spent a practical Science Week building electric buggies. Both classes greatly benefited from a workshop looking at electrical circuits. We are all familiar with the basic of a circuit, but we wanted to add in other components and to experiment with how this might change the effectiveness of the circuit.

We came up with the idea of building a buggy that was powered by the force of a simple electric fan. Once we had understood how to build the circuit itself, our next task was to design the buggy that would house the circuit. This also required plenty of technical consideration concerning the best materials to use and where to locate the circuits on the buggy.

The final preparation stage ahead of our grand Year 6 Buggy Race was to customise the look of our designs. We wanted the pupils to create a design that reflected their own personalities, but also had a design element when it comes to building an effective buggy.

All Year 6 pupils then took part in the Buggy Race. We staged two heats – one for boys and one for girls. Strict rules and judging were in place. The top three winners from each hit then went through to a grand final.

You can find out who won by watching the video above.

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