Reception Diaries

We have been delighted by the response from the Reception children with their Easter diaries. We asked all children to work with their parents and carers over the Easter break to keep a log of how they spent their Easter holiday. Each class member has returned to Michael Faraday with a brilliant record of the many activities enjoyed over the Easter break.

We have been using these diaries back in the classroom to help share and talk about what we enjoy doing. The Reception children have many different interests, as reflected in the diaries. We have heard tales of holidays or days trips, birthday parties or perhaps visiting other relatives. Some of the diaries contain some photos, whilst others demonstrate some impressive handwriting and sentence construction.

A selection of our Reception children share their own personal Easter diary entries in the video above. Many thanks for all of the support from family and friends at home.

Elsewhere around the Michael Faraday Reception and we are soon to start our new topic learning all about sharks. The children are incredibly excited about this. The climax of this work will be a trip to the London Aquarium, where we are hopeful of seeing a live shark swimming around.

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