Y6 Balanced Arguements

Year 6

Balanced arguments have been taking place around Year 6. We have been encouraging the pupils to help construct a balanced argument, and to see that most major issues usually have two different points of view, both of which are often equally valid.

We posed the question: should school uniform be compulsory for secondary school children? We asked the Year 6 pupils to consider their own stance, and then to form a series of arguments to help articulate their response. We have also been asking the opinions of teachers around the school, as well as the adults at home. This has allowed us to have an analysis that crosses different generations.

This work has been linked in with our maths teaching. Year 6 have surveyed both children and adults about school uniform, and then used this data to help explain the differences of opinion. We found that 62% of pupils were in favour of school uniform, whereas 38% were against.

Other work in Year 6 has mainly involved an increase in our preparations for the forthcoming SATS test. These are now just under a month away. We are incredibly pleased to report that all pupils are approaching these with great maturity. SATS revision books are now following the pupils around with them everywhere. The Michael Faraday Booster Clubs are once again proving to be very useful.

As a sight aside, we have also introduced a weekly Year 6 Zumba Club – a great energy release from all of the SATS revision!

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