Year 2 Light and Darkness

Year 2

One of our themes that we will be learning about in Year 2 for the summer term is that of light and darkness. This will be a cross-curricular approach, with many overlapping ideas covering different subjects. We are keen to find out what is meant by the term ‘nocturnal.’ The children will be looking at how some animals prefer dark, whereas others like lights.

Other forms of wildlife will also be looked at. We will be considering the importance of light for plant growth, as well as looking in more general terms about the relationship between the earth and space.

To help guide us through all of this will be our homemade torches! Year 2 will be using their D & T time to design and construct a working torch. We will be building upon our knowledge already gained about electrical circuits. The children will be encouraged to come up with a design that will be able to house the circuit, and to also incorporate an on and off switch for the torch.

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