Year 3 Literacy and Science

Year 3

Year 3 have started work exploring different types of genres during our literacy lessons. We are all familiar with science fiction, fairytales or illustration books – but what about information texts? We have been looking at what makes this type of book unique by sharing various examples. Year 3 found that information texts often contain a contents page, headings and an index.

We set Year 3 the challenge to write their own information text that would be suitable for the Key Stage 1 pupils to read. All of the Year 3 pupils know plenty about the Vikings – it was decided that this would be the perfect topic.

The pupils soon understood that the books needed to be written using language that KS1 children would be able to read and understand. We then started to organise our work on the Vikings so that it was suitable for this age group. Once the information texts are complete, we are going to hopefully share these with our KS1 friends and help them to learn more about the Vikings.

Elsewhere in Year 3 and our science work continues to explore different types of rocks. The pupils are still bringing in many different types of rock for us to look at. We have put in place a Rock Box in Year 3 to help display our work. The pupils have been carrying out experiments on the rocks to try and identify them.

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