Nursery Audioboo Project


The Nursery children have been working on an exciting audio project with the aim of helping to improve speech and language. Following the success of a similar piece of work in Years 3 and 6, Michael Faraday School has once again partnered up with Southwark based technology company audioboo. We have been using the online recording channels to record speech and language. This is then played back to help the children gain greater self-confidence, and for the teaching staff to identify areas for further improvement.

The stimulus for these recordings has been the memory shrines that each Nursery pupil has created. We asked parents and carers to very kindly supply us with some photos capturing the key moments in the lives of each Nursery child. We have used these photos to provide a subject matter for the children to talk about. The next stage of recording will be to repeat the exercise using the finished memory shrines. The focus will be on encouraging the children to describe their shrines, rather than a simple Q & A response.

We are happy to share a small selection of the audioboo recordings made so far. This is only phase one of the project – the plan is to use these initial recordings, and then create a piece of audio with greater detail, once the Nursery children have been able to listen back to their thoughts and hopefully gained increased confidence in their speech and language skills.

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