Reception Aquarium Podcast


The Reception children have returned from a wonderful trip to the London Aquarium, full of many exciting tales to tell about our big day out. The main reason for our visit was to observe at very close quarters some of the sharks at the Aquarium – we weren’t disappointed!

As soon as the children entered the Aquarium we were able to walk above a viewing gallery that looked down on some sharks. We have been learning back in class all about the many different types of shark. We were able to identify a hammerhead shark that came to say hello to the Reception children.

Our key text for the summer term is Surprising Sharks. The children were well prepared for seeing the sharks, knowing how they live, what they like to eat and why it is best to stay behind a glass screen when viewing them.

We were also able to look around the many other magnificent fish and other animals at the London Aquarium. The Reception children saw penguins and turtles, as well as being able to find Nemo! The Touch Pool allowed the children to feel a starfish. We were also able to hold a shark egg – it didn’t feel as hard as many of us had imagined.

After we had been introduced to the many different sea animals at the Aquarium, Reception then attended a workshop looking at conservation. We found out why it is important to save sharks. We have been following up this work back in the classroom by helping the Reception children to construct complete sentences all about conservation.

The children have also been choosing their favourite photograph from the Aquarium trip, and then writing a short sentence to describe what is taking place. We have made some shark puppets, painted plenty of shark pictures and are hopeful of constructing a 3D shark head later in the term.

You can listen to some of the Reception children talking about their London Aquarium experience in the audioboo below.




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