Year 1 London Zoo Video

Both Year 1 Classes at Michael Faraday School have had the most amazing visit to London Zoo! We were keen to look at as many different types of animals as possible, and in particular to observe how they might differ in their appearance and their habitat.

This is a theme that we have continued back in the Year 1 classroom. The children have been taking part is a series of drama based projects to help them improve their use of connectives and spoken word. Our aim was for all children to be able to act out and recount the day at London Zoo in the correct sequence. We wanted our language to be rich with words such as first, then, afterwards and finally.

We have also been learning many different facts about each animal group. The children have been researching what type of food each animal eats, and why they might like to live in a certain type of environment. All Year 1 children are now producing their own London Zoo guidebook, explaining the many facts that we have found out from our visit. This will then be transferred over to create a powerful Photostory that we will work on during our ICT sessions.

You can watch a short video featuring some of the Year 1 animal acting taking place above.

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