Year 2 London Zoo Podcast

Year 2

Having completed the rain forest topic, Year 2 have now started to look at nocturnal animals. We were able to combine both of these topics during our recent trip to the wonderful London Zoo.

The children have spent most of the spring term learning all about the rain forest environment and the type of animals that are able to live there. We were thrilled to see some of these animals in the specially climatised locations at London Zoo. Year 2 were able to identify sloths, toucans and anteaters.

We prepared the pupils ahead of the trip with a little knowledge about nocturnal animals. This is a topic that we will be learning about for the remainder of the summer term. Year 2 were also able to see some of the nocturnal creatures at the zoo, such as bats and hedgehogs.

A couple of of Year 2 children explain a little more in the recording below:

Our work based on light and dark will also continue to look at planets and the solar system. We are already planning our next trip to the London Planetarium. The pupils have been reading some famous poetry inspired by the solar system, and then writing our own short pieces with similar themes.

Finally we would like to thank all Year 2 pupils for their hard work as we approach the end of term SATS. The tests help all teaching staff at Michael Faraday to further improve our teaching as Year 2 make the transition to Key Stage 2 in September.

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