Year 3 Literacy Podcast

Year 3

Year 3 have demonstrated a tremendous sense of imagination and thought at the start of a new literacy project for the summer term. We started our work by reading a short passage from a key text that we will be working on over the coming weeks. We didn’t reveal to the children the name of the book, or any other details apart from the introductory text that was read out. Our task was then to think about the detail that we have heard, and to develop some initial thoughts about the main character and how the plot might possibly develop.

Our mystery story centres on the character of Ivan. We have found out that he is a Prince, but he is far from happy. It appears that he may have many challenges coming up ahead. Using our initial knowledge, all Year 3 pupils have drawn a profile of Ivan. We have thought about any references in the story so far to add in details such as clothing, facial expressions or emotions.

You can listen to a selection of our Year 3 pupils explain a little more about this mystery project in the podcast below.

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