Year 5 Trade and Economics

Year 5

Year 5 have expanded their work on the Victorians to start to consider the wider implications of world trade. We have been learning how many poor Victorian children had to go to work so that their families could afford to eat. This led us to look at the factory work that started to emerge during this period, and then this developed into some research about where we get various goods and everyday items.

The pupils have been looking at the three main sources for natural goods that are used in many items that we buy from the shops – in the ground, in plants or from animals. We held a class discussion asking Year 5 to think of an example of an everyday item or food, explain which part of the world it comes from and then where the natural resource can be found. An example might be cotton, which comes from the deep south of the USA and is grown from a plant. This approach has helped the pupils to consider how industrialisaton in the Victorian age came about as global transport routes started to develop.

Year 5

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