Hatching Chicks in Nursery

The children in the Michael Faraday Nursery are absolutely thrilled to have found that two of the eggs from Surrey Docks Farm have now hatched. We took delivery of a special incubator and a selection of eggs from our friends at the farm three weeks ago. The nursery children have been looking after the eggs and making sure that they are kept at the correct temperature.

We returned to school one morning to find that the eggs have hatched! The children have given the names of Goldilocks and Smelly Kelly to our new friends! Over the coming weeks we will be caring for them by making sure that they have enough food to eat as well as changing the water supply. We are optimistic that some of the other eggs might hatch over the coming weeks.


The children will be monitoring the chicks and observing their growth. This is linked in with our current Nursery topic of growth. When the chicks are ready to be more impendent, we will be returning Goldilocks and Smelly Kelly back to our friends at Surrey Docks Farm. We are already planning a visit later in the term to the farm to catch up with our chick friends. You can watch a short video introducing Goldilocks and Smelly Kelly above.


Elsewhere around the Michael Faraday Nursery and the children have been continuing to make great progress on our speech and language project. Michael Faraday has once again partnered up with audioboo to use online tools to help us improve language development.

Having made a series of initial recordings finding out a little more about the children, we have now completed the second stage of the project. We have been talking in more depth about our lives using the wonderful photographs that the children have brought in from home. The final phase for this work will be to build the memory shrines from our resources, and then describe these in great detail.

We are already finding an improvement in the verbal abilities of the children whilst working with audioboo. We are hopeful of presenting and sharing this work with parents of the Nursery children at a special event later in the summer term.

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