Year 3 Greenwich Trip


Year 3 had wonderful time during our recent trip to the National Maritime Museum. We were keen to learn more about our current class topic of the Vikings. The children attended a special Viking workshop that gave us great detail on the special boats that the Vikings travelled in. We were introduced to the different names given to the various parts of a boat, and shown how the boats were able to navigate through various types of water.

Out trip also had a Viking trading element to it. Year 3 have been learning how the Vikings used their ability to travel to help them with their trading needs. Some materials may not have been available to them in their home countries, but they could perhaps offer up something of value in return.

Our day out in Greenwich included some role-play based around the idea of trade. Working in small groups the children were able to barter with silver, fur, beads and glass. A couple of our class members were also dressed up in traditional Viking costume.

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