Year 4 Tree Poetry

Year 4 have started work on the preparations for the City of London Festival that we have been invited to participate in. This is an incredibly prestigious occasion, allowing the Year 4 pupils to process through the historic City and to celebrate a project that they are working on with our friends from Trees for Cities.

One of the main themes for the festival this year is the importance of having trees in the City. Year 4 have been learning how trees provide us with oxygen, as well as creating a safe environment for many birds and insect life.

We have already made a trip to Bunhill Gardens in the City of London to look at some of the trees in the area. We were able to find many different tree types, each playing a unique role. The Year 4 pupils measured some of the tress, as well as working out how many trees can be found in a particular area.

In return we were pleased to welcome into Michael Faraday School our friends from >Trees for Cities. We worked on some poems using some of the knowledge that we had gathered from our City of London sight visit. We are proud to present a selection of our pupils reading out their work in the video above.

Future work on this project will include producing the artwork that will feature in the programme for the City of London festival, as well as learning some songs to celebrate the importance of tress. These will be performed in the City when we return for the finale of the festival.

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