Year 5 Literacy Podcast

Year 5

Year 5 have been holding some incredibly mature and detailed class discussions all about the idea of empathy. We have been continuing to read the Victorian based book Street Child. This tells the story of Jim and his friend Shrimps, two Victorian children who had an incredibly tough life.

We have reached a very moving part to the story where Shrimps sadly dies of TB. This has led Year 5 to think about how it is simply not acceptable for a young child to have no access to medical help.

We then started to explore the idea of the type of rights that young children can expect. These covered not only material needs such as clothes and food, but also the importance of emotional needs such as love and friendship.

Each class member then drew up their own Bill of Rights. We then spent some time comparing these with the Universal Declaration of Rights that was first drawn up in 1959. We found that many of our ideas were also contained in this global ideal for treating children and adults.

You can listen to a selection of our children reading out from their own Bill of Rights in the audioboo below.

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