Year 6 SATS Podcast

Year 6

Our Year 6 pupils have completed SATS week with a great sense of achievement and maturity. This is always an important week at Michael Faraday, which we try and help the students approach in a relaxed manner as possible.

Once again our SATS Breakfast Club proved to be a great success. All pupils came to school early ahead of each exam. They were rewarded with plenty of brainpower food, with many fruits, cereals and sandwiches available ahead of the exams that were being completed.

SATS papers have been undertaken from Monday through until Thursday. Maths and literacy variations were tested, with dedicated papers covering ideas such as mental maths and literacy comprehension.

It is far too early to give any specific feedback, but our Year 6 staff are positive after seeing how the pupils conducted themselves during SATS week. We will be rewarding Year 6 with a special SATS party, and then preparing for a week away in Bournemouth with the annual Michael Faraday School Journey.

A selection of our Year 6 pupils explain a little more about their own SATS experience in the audioboo below.

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