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Billy’s Bucket is the brilliant new book that the Nursery children have now started to read. This is a wonderful tale that invites the reader to try and guess what might be kept inside Billy’s Bucket.

We have used this element of suspense to introduce the story to the Nursery children. We have started to read the opening of the book and the idea that the bucket may contain some surprises. Rather than look and find out what exactly is being kept inside Billy’s Bucket, we have asked the Nursery children for their own suggestions.

This work has also taken on a practical approach with the Michael Faraday Nursery having its own Billy’s Bucket to explore. We have placed some sea themed objects inside such as sand or shells. The children have been asked to feel the texture of the items, and then to describe what they can feel. We will be continuing this aquatic theme when both Nursery classes visit the wonderful London Aquarium.

Elsewhere around the Nursery and the children were very sad to say goodbye to Suzy, Goldilocks and Smelly Kelly – the three chicks that were hatched in the Nursery. Having looked after our little friends and observed their growth, we have now let the young chicks return to their rightful home of Surrey Docks Farm.

This isn’t the end of the story though – we were able to visit Suzy, Goldilocks and Smelly Kelly at the farm to find out how they were continuing to grow and develop. This has been an amazing project for all children to experience. We are incredibly grateful to our friends from Surrey Docks Farm for giving the children the opportunity to look after the chicks during the incubation period.

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