Reception Africa Work


The Reception children have started work on The Leopard’s Drum, our main literacy text for the remainder of the summer term. This is a traditional African trickster story. The main message in this genre of storytelling is to explain how a particular form of nature came into being. The Leopard’s Drum explains how the tortoise was given a hard shell in which to live.

The wonderful African imagery on display in the book has allowed us to look in more detail about the continent and different forms of African culture. We are incredibly grateful to many of the Reception parents who have volunteered their time and knowledge to help us with this topic. We are looking forward to welcoming Papa JH into Reception to help with an African drumming workshop.

We are also using The Leopard’s Drum to help the children with their sentence formation, as well as handwriting improvement. Each pupil has been constructing a number of sentences based on our knowledge of the book. These have been written out underneath images from the book.

Elsewhere around the Michael Faraday Reception and maths work has also been keeping the children busy. We have introduced the idea of subtraction to the children. We are currently working with single digit figures to help the children understand how subtraction fits into our existing knowledge of the number line. Later on in the term we will start to look at sharing and halving.

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