Year 1 Phonics Games

Year 1

The Year 1 children are concentrating heavily on improving their phonic knowledge for the remainder of the summer term. Phonics refers to the combination of different letters to create a new sound. An example might be the letters sh, ch, or ea. These are the building blocks for all future literacy work at Michael Faraday School. It may sound like pretty serious stuff but we are making this activity become great fun in Year 1!

We have devised many phonic related games to help the children with their work. One of the most popular is the Buried Treasure word game. This involves having a treasure chest and a rubbish bin. The children are then presented with a series of words written on a piece of card. Our task is to decide if we need to bury the real word in the treasure chest, or bin the nonsense word. Once we have identified the pronunciation of a word, we then invite the class members to come up with a simple sentence that includes this word.

Plenty of support is provided throughout this work. A good starting point for any adults at home wanting to help out with phonics work is to help the children sound out the words. The two letters that create a new phonic sound are incredibly important in this process.

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  • June 7, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    I like this idea and may have to ‘magpie’ it for my Year 1 children. Thank you!

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