Year 2 Activities

Year 2

Year 2 have been continuing to make good progress with the end of term SATS. These are a series of examinations that help teaching staff to assess the knowledge of all pupils as they reach the end of Key Stage 1, and to help future planning ahead of the transition to Key Stage 2 in September. A sensible approach to SATS has been observed by all class members.

Away from SATS and we continue with our learning around other key curriculum areas in Year 2. We have started to read The Pea and The Princess during our literacy lessons. As the title suggests, this is a slight twist on the more traditional tale. The Pea is a main character, adding a slight variation to the story that the children are familiar with.

Year 2 have been writing descriptions of the two main characters. We have been asking the children to consider how a pea can have a personality, and what this might be like. A large part of this work has involved drama and hot seating. This allows the children to put themselves in the mindset of the main characters. Our artwork has also been related to this key piece of text.

Maths work in Year 2 has involved money and counting. We have been working with different coin amounts and helping the children to be able to add and subtract a random selection of coins.

Our R.E. work has seen Year 2 study the religion of Sikhism. We have been learning about the main identifying features that can be found in a Gurdwara, the Sikh place of worship. We are looking forward to our trip to a local Gurdwara where we will be able to see many of the items used during worship by followers of Sikhism.

Finally we are all counting down to the annual Year 2 beach trip! This has been an incredibly busy term in Year 2, concluding with the necessity of SATS. We feel that it is only fair to reward all of the hard work that has been achieved with a wonderful beach trip.

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