Year 3 Balanced Arguments

Year 3

Year 3 have been continuing their literacy work based on the text of The Firebird. This is an incredibly challenging piece of work for the children to explore. It contains many moral themes and ideas in which to consider.

The pupils have been looking at the main characters and themes. We are now using the experiences of the key characters to help develop our own thoughts. Year 3 have looked at the idea of a balanced arguement and how to present a reasoned viewpoint.

We presented the pupils with a series of questions that have been raised out of the storyline in The Firebird: Is Prince Ivan wrong to steal from the Kings? Should Princesses be allowed to behave differently to other people? And should Prince Ivan run away with Princess Helen?

Year 3 have been holding class discussions to help encourage debate. We asked the pupils to rationalise their thoughts and explain their arguments to the rest of the class. This is also a great way to help improve verbal and presentation skills.

This work will prepare us well for future sessions involving balanced arguments. We are going to introduce the pupils to the idea of a court case, and how rational reasoning is important for justice to be carried out.

You can listen to some of these balanced arguments being put across effectively in the audioboo below.

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