Year 4 City of London

Year 4

Year 4 have started preparations for the performance that we will be taking part in as part of the prestigious City of London Festival. This is an annual occasion in the City where some schools are invited to parade through the heart of the financial district and share some of their knowledge and talents with the City workers.

The theme for this summer is trees, and in particular the importance of allowing a green environment to flourish in the City. We have already made a site visit to observe the growth of trees in the City. To help share our work, Year 5 will be singing a number of tree themed songs when we next return to the City on 16th July.

We are being superbly assisted with this performance by our friend Olivia from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Olivia has created a selection of songs about trees from different cultures. These include Irish, American, Jamaican and traditional Jacobean music. We have seamlessly placed these different songs and cultures together as we attempt a grand celebration of all things green.

The musical strand has just started at Michael Faraday School. We are proud to share an early recording from one of our very first rehearsal sessions. We have plenty more preparation to carry out between now and 16th July. We extend a warm invite to any family and friends of Year 4 pupils to encourage us along during the procession in the City on 16th July.

Year 4

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