Year 5 Author Visits

Year 5

We welcomed recently into Year 5 a couple of esteemed children’s authors to explain a little more about their fine work. Paul Bryers and Mo O’Hara both kindly gave up their valuable time to explain to Year 5 a little more about the life of an author, and to pass on some writing tips to our pupils.

A particular focus for this work was the idea of ‘re-cycling reality.’ Both authors were keen to stress that the best stories are those than involve a subject matter or character that may be close to us. We can adapt these factual ideas slightly to create a unique form of fiction. The strategy that was encouraged was to start with something that you already know about, and then grow your own ideas.

Paul and Mo gave an insight into where their inspiration for writing comes from. We heard how everyday mundane tales could soon be brought to life if we use our imagination and play around with some ideas. This workshop was the starting point for a focus on creative writing in Year 5. Many thanks to both Paul and Mo for passing on their professional knowledge to our Year 5 pupils.

One thought on “Year 5 Author Visits

  • July 9, 2013 at 7:46 am

    I loved to learn about the authors opinions on how they think the book should begin.

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