Year 6 Post-SATS

Year 6

Whilst some of the Year 6 pupils have been enjoying the annual School Journey to Bournemouth, other class members have had an equally rewarding week with a special programme of activities planned. We put in place a well thought out schedule that would offer some unique trips, alongside learning and plenty of fun.

The week started with a trip to the Natural History Museum. Dinosaurs, rocks and extinct animals were all viewed. We were keen for the pupils to observe the size and scale of some of these animals. This led the pupils into the dedicated Art Day that followed. We modeled many of the sights that were seen at the Natural History Museum using clay. We also held a special science session looking at the inner workings of the human brain – complex stuff!

Midweek saw another school trip for the pupils. We made our way to Westminster Pier, and then took a boat trip out towards Greenwich. The was a wonderful opportunity to explore our great city via water. The boat journey included commentary from one of the crew members on the many sights that we passed. This included Shakespeare’s Globe, The Shard and Tower Bridge. When we reached our destination we were able to have a brief exploration of the National Maritime Museum.

The following day was put aside as a time for preparation. The pupils went out to some local shops to source some food and ingredients for a very special meal. The following day we would be cooking a celebration meal for all of the staff at Michael Faraday, as well as some treats for our friends who were due back from the School Journey. We took great care to keep a check on the ingredients required, as well as sticking within the school budget.

This has been a wonderful week for all of the pupils that were unable to make the School Journey. A huge thanks to Joanna and Dom for being able to organise these many activities. You can hear a brief run down of our week in the audioboo below.

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