Nursery Transition


The Nursery children are spending their final few weeks of the summer term at Michael Faraday preparing for the transition to become Reception pupils in September. All staff in the Nursery are incredibly pleased with the progress that has been made by all children throughout the year.

To help make the transition as smooth as possible, the Nursery children have been spending some time meeting their new Reception teachers. We want all class members to feel as comfortable as possible when the new term starts after the summer break.

We have been spending a little extra time in the Nursery practicing some of the skills that the children will need in the Nursery. Handwriting and letter recognition are two strong themes for Reception learning.


The Nursery children have also continued their work based around the brilliant Billy’s Bucket book. A large part of this work involves learning about the different types of sea life that can be found inside Billy’s famous bucket.

We have been able to add a new cultural dimension to this work by also introducing the children to the African tale of Fatou Fetches the Water. This is similar to Billy’s Bucket in that the main character collects and observes many different life forms found on the beach.

Linked into this work has been our science exploration in the Nursery looking at measurements. The children have had great fun playing with the Nursery buckets and the outside water resources. We have been asking questions such as which bucket can hold the largest amount of water?


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