Reception Mini-Beasts

The Reception children have been taking care of caterpillars, ladybirds and spiders as we come towards the close of the summer term. Our mini-beasts topic has introduced the children to the many different types of insects and bugs that we can observe around our local environment.

A strong message in this topic is the importance of how to care and treat mini-beasts. The children have been learning how it is acceptable to observe mini-beasts for a short period of time, but they are not pets. We have taken great care to return the mini-beasts back to the outside environment where we first found them.

Identifying the different features for each mini-beast has also been part of our work. The Reception children have been counting the number of spots on a ladybird, or looking at how many legs a spider has. We have also been fortunate to be able to see a caterpillar enter into a catacomb state. The children have been learning how hopefully this will then develop into a beautiful butterfly.

All of the class members are incredibly excited about our future trip to London Zoo. We have a special session arranged at the Zoo to explore many of the rare mini-beasts from around the world that are looked after at London Zoo.

The final few weeks of the summer term in the Michael Faraday Reception will be spent focussing upon the successful transition of pupils from Early Years to Key Stage 1. Becoming Year 1 pupils is an important part in the development of each child. We have been talking with the children about what they can expect in Year 1 and looking at how the structure of the school day is slightly different to what we are familiar with in Reception.

To help smooth along this process we have a couple of very special events planned in the Michael Faraday Reception. On 16th July we are inviting all parents into our school for a celebratory Afternoon Tea. This will be an opportunity for parents to collect the end of year reports from the class teachers, and to discuss any questions relating to KS1 transition. We would be incredibly grateful if parents were able to bring along a cake to share!

We are also very excited about the grand Reception Graduation Ball taking place on the afternoon of 23rd July. All of the children will receive a medal to reflect on their personal achievements throughout their year in the Reception. The Graduation Ball will start at 2:30pm – all parents and carers are of course welcome!

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