Year 1 Geography

Year 1

Year 1 have been exploring the local Walworth neighbourhood as part of our current geography learning. The pupils have approached this project with the aim of highlighting what they think is wonderful in Walworth, as well as making some suggestions about what they might change to continue to improve the area.

A starting point for this work was a site walk around Walworth. Both Year 1 classes were able to observe their surroundings, paying particular attention to the local shops, housing and the beautiful Burgess Park. These observations were used back in class when the pupils produced a series of stunning posters with the message Come to Walworth!

We are going to repeat this observation exercise before the end of term. We want the pupils to be able to think critically about the place where they live, and offer up some suggestions and solutions for positive change. Already we have had ideas about removing rubbish from the streets or reducing the flow of traffic.

Elsewhere around Year 1 are all children and adults are incredibly proud of a couple of our pupils who recently staged an African drumming performance for our friends in Reception. The younger children have been learning about African music as part of a recent Reception theme. In Year 1 we have a number of drummers who attend after school African drumming workshops. We are proud to feature a selection of recordings from the drumming workshop below.

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