Year 2 Passports

Year 2

Year 2 have been working on their passports for Key Stage 2 ahead of the new school year in September. This is an important transition phase for all pupils. Key Stage 2 offers many learning possibilities in the curriculum. The idea of the passports is to reflect upon the knowledge that we already know, as well as to expand and think about what we would like to achieve in September.

Each Year 2 pupil has produced a passport containing biographical information about themselves. We have also asked questions such as:

What have we enjoyed learning in Year 2?

What would we like to learn in Year 3?

What activities are we good at?

What makes us happy?

What would we like to achieve?

These passports will then travel with us to Year 3 where they will be shared amongst our new teaching staff. We have also taken this opportunity to pose a question for our new class teachers. This process is all about making all pupils feel comfortable about the transition to Key Stage 2.

A selection of our Year 2 children share their thoughts on creating these passports in the recording below.

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