Year 3 Maths

Year 3

Year 3 has seen an invasion of Hairyonymus! These are friendly creatures that as the name suggests, have varying amounts of hair. They have been helping the children with their maths works and how we look at different combinations of number.

An adult Hairyonymus has fifteen strands of hair; a teenager has ten, whilst a child Hairyonymus has five strands. Year 3 have been carrying out some Hairyonymus detective work. We have found out that a combination of the creatures have been staying overnight. They have left a number of hair strands behind. Our task was to work out how many different combinations of Hairyonymus this might have been.

An example might be that if twenty strands were found, this could be one adult and one child. It could also be two teenage Hairyonymus. This is a great exercise for helping the pupils to take a systematic approach to numbers, as well as being plenty of fun.

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