Year 5 Literacy

Year 4

Year 5 are coming towards the close of reading Skellig, our current class shared text. The pupils have been fascinated by the main character and his different way of life. This has been the springboard for plenty of creative writing in Year 5 as we explore some of the main themes in the book.

One of these ideas is the concept of home tuition. Year 5 have produced a piece of writing to present a balanced argument about the idea of pupils learning at home. We asked each class member to consider their position on this, and then to justify their stance with a reasoned argument.

Diary entries have also been useful in helping to understand some of the motivations for each character. We have used this form of writing to encourage the pupils to think about why certain characters are behaving in a particular way.

Both of these ideas are explored in more detail in the audioboo below.

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