Year 1 Settling In

Year 1

The start of a new school year is always a busy time in Year 1. This is a period when all pupils formally start Key Stage 1. It is also an opportunity for our teaching staff to assess the exact needs of each child so that we can create a teaching programme to help them throughout the school year. All Year 1 pupils are currently working with the class teachers on a one-to-one basis to help with this exercise.

Elsewhere around Year 1 are we have been encouraging the children to explore a number of other activities that will help them be aware of the high level of expectations that we have in the school. Great care and attention is being paid to the self-portraits that all pupils are producing ahead of a class display.

Pupils have been demonstrating their artistic talents with some moon drawings being made using dark paper and chalk. We have asked the children to use their imagination and to think about what we might be able to find on the moon.

We have been playing Snakes and Ladders in small groups. As well as being great fun, this is also a good game to help the Year 1 children with their understanding and development of the number line that we will be using throughout our maths work.

Year 1

Year 1

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