Year 2 Healthy Eating

Year 2

Healthy Eating is our current science topic as we start the new school term in Year 2 at Michael Faraday School. We have introduced the pupils to main food groups: meat, dairy, sugar and fats, fruit and vegetables and carbohydrates. The pupils have been learning how each food group is important if our bodies are to stay healthy. We have also been talking about the importance of not eating too much of one food group, particularly sugars and fats.

All pupils have been involved in sorting a selection of different foods into the relevant group. We started off with a number of pictures of many different types of food. Each group had a heading for the main food groups. Our task was to sort the correct food under the correct heading. Year 2 will continue to learn about healthy eating as this topic progresses. We will be thinking about our own diets and assessing if we are eating enough variety across all the food groups.

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