Y3 Literacy Podcast

Year 3

All teaching staff in Year 3 are incredibly impressed with the very early progress that the new pupils have made with their literacy learning. This is the start of Key Stage 2 teaching and is a significant moment as the pupils continue to learn throughout their time at Michael Faraday.

Our early work this term has involved the pupils looking at a story that they are all familiar with, and then using this to help improve our own written and spoken language vocabulary. The children have been reading the story of the Three Little Pigs since their early Nursery days. We are now using this story as the starting point in which to add more depth.

Working with story maps, each Year 3 pupils has re-written the traditional story in their own words. As well as understanding the sequence of a story, another strong theme here is connectives. We have been learning how words such as eventually, furthermore or finally can add a little variety to our storytelling techniques.

Our work was shared amongst our friends so that we could all add comments to help improve this work. The next stage will be to listen to Roald Dahl’s famous version of the classic story. We will be comparing and contrasting the ideas in this version with our own written work.

You can listen to some of the Year 3 pupils explain a little more about this work in the audioboo below.

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