Year 6 Storytelling

Year 6

Year 6 are hopeful of entering a storytelling competition later on in the term. This is a project that has been presented to us by our online friends at audioboo, the Southwark based tech company, of which Michael Faraday is a flagship school.

The idea behind the competition it to be able to confidently tell a short story with no visual guidance. These will then be uploaded online and considered for entry for the audioboo competition.

Year 6 have started this work by thinking about some of the skills required to become a good storyteller. We have thought about clarity, actions and the ability to relay a story with a clear sense of structure.

We have introduced the pupils to the story of The Snake with Seven Heads. In less than 24 hours the pupils were able to memorise the key events in the story, and then be able to tell these via a narrator, as well as act out the story in a small group.

We will be focussing our attention on improving our storytelling techniques ahead of making the recordings for the competition. We are happy to share for now some of the initial thoughts coming out of this work in the audioboo below.

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