Reception Singing

All three of our new Reception classes at Michael Faraday have been making some fantastic progress in reading Biscuit Bear, our main literacy text for the new term. This is a story that contains many different feelings. We have been helping the children to learn about these, and then to think about the reasons behind each emotion.

The main character Biscuit Bear starts off the story feeling happy. He enjoys sharing his biscuits with his many friends. Bongo the dog then eats the biscuits and leaves a mess. This makes Biscuit Bear feel sad. There is a happy ending for the Reception to children to enjoy. We have been working in small groups to help share the feelings that are mentioned in the book.


Phonics continues to be another important topic for the Reception children as we work towards improving our literacy skills. We are introducing the pupils to a new letter or sound each week. We have many different games and resources to help the children with this activity. Asking the children to select a simple object such as a peg, and then to sound out the P-E-G sounds is incredibly effective.


Our maths work in Reception has involved the children being able to count confidently from one to twenty, as well as being able to sequence numbers in the correct place on the number line. The teaching staff have been giving examples of correct and incorrect counting. The task for the children has been to identify where the mistakes have been made.

To help us with our maths work the Reception children have been learning many different counting songs. We are happy to share a couple of these being performed by a small group in the video above.

We would like to thank all the pupils, parents and carers for helping to make the new autumn term at Michael Faraday such a smooth transition. The move to three separate small classes is showing early signs of success.

A fine start, Reception!

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